Interview with Amy Karle. Amy Karle is an internationally award-winning bioartist working at the nexus of where digital, physical and biological systems merge. Karle is also a provocateur and a futurist, opening future visions of how art, science, and technology could be utilized to support and enhance humanity while making advancements in the technology towards those goals in the process of making her artworks. Current projects probe who we could become as a result of our exponential technologies and how interventions could alter the course of our future.

Interview with Ksenija Sidorova Ksenija Sidorova is the leading ambassador for the classical accordion. Both a unique and charismatic performer, Ksenija is passionate about showcasing the vast capabilities of her instrument and collaborates regularly with leading composers and musicians. Her repertoire spans from Bach to Piazzolla, from Efrem Podgaits and Václav Trojan to Erkki-Sven Tüür and George Bizet, as well as two new accordion concertos composed especially for her and a multitude of chamber projects.

Interview with Nina Métayer. The incredibly talented Nina Métayer embodies the “haute patisserie” of tomorrow. A graduate of the Ecole Ferrandi, she trained at Hotel Meurice, was Head Pastry Chef for Amandine Chaignot and obtained 2 Michelin stars with Jean François Piège. In 2018, she took over as creative director at Pouchkine, where her high precision and exceedingly indulgent creations were an instant success. She is currently a consultant and involved in various other exciting projects. At Taste of Paris, find her inspiring creations at the Ecole Ferrandi restaurant.

Interview with Noor Shamma. Noor Shamma is Jewelry Designer in NEW YORK CITY.

Her interest in understanding the complexities inherent in the everyday simplicity allows her to look beyond the obvious and see within and around. She developed a passion for jewelry and all things beautiful at a very young age. Executed to perfection, her brand articulates a harmonious rapport between classic and contemporary. Her inspirational references reflect…